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Garages in Bicester Automotive Extras Collection BannerOver the last 10 years air conditioning has moved from being an optional extra on only the top end luxury vehicles to a standard feature on most super mini’s and family cars.

Air conditioning systems are complex with many integrated parts and just like other elements of your car air conditioning systems needs a little care and attention to ensure they are operating to their optimum.

The most common work we complete on air conditioning systems is to vacuum out the old compressed gas and recharge the system with fresh gas. This should be completed every 2 years and is an essential element of ensuring it’s performance and removing any unpleasant odours that might arise.

We offer a selection of air conditioning services:-

  1. A complete system vacuum and recharge for only £48 inc vat.
  2. An air conditioning service and anti-bacterial bomb to remove common germs and bacteria from the system for only £78 inc vat.
  3. A major system service and overhaul including a complete re-gas for only £114 inc vat.

If it’s been more than two years since you have had your air conditioning system serviced give us a call on 01869 278 190 and arrange for us to check it over for you.