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Vehicle Diagnostics with Automotive Extras

Garages in Bicester Automotive Extras Collection BannerVehicle Diagnostics and advanced fault finding is a rapidly growing aspect to vehicle maintenance. As manufacturers increasingly turn to new technology to improve fuel economy, increase safety and reliability more electronics are developed to deliver these features.

It’s not uncommon for us to receive telephone calls from clients who suddenly have a warning light displaying on their dashboard.  There’s no need to panic if this happens to you.  Simply call us on 01869 278 109 and we’ll talk through the severity of the issue with you over the phone.

The majority of warning lights are designed to indicate that an aspect of your vehicle is not performing as it was designed.


Here’s what to do if you spot a warning light on your dashboard.

  1. Find a safe location to stop the vehicle as soon as possible.
  2. Make a note of the warning light symbol that is displaying.
  3. If the vehicle is running as normal drive to a garage as soon as possible.
  4. If the vehicle is running abnormally turn off the engine immediately and call a garage to have the vehicle recovered.

If the warning light persists, whether it be permanently or intermittently, it is always advisable to visit us so that we can use our diagnostic equipment to analyse the problem.  Prolonged use of a vehicle with a warning light illuminated often leads to longer term damage and turns an issue that could have been fixed with minimal cost in to a much more serious and expensive repair.

One of the many aspects that makes Automotive Extras one of the leading garages in Bicester is our continuous investment in the very latest diagnostic equipment.

Call us on 01869 278 190 to book your vehicles diagnostic check.