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MOT Tests with Automotive Extras

Garages in Bicester Automotive Extras Collection BannerIf your vehicle is over three years old then it is a legal requirement to have it MOT tested on an annual basis.

The MOT test is designed to ensure your vehicle meets a minimum safety standard. The consequences of not holding a current MOT certificate for your vehicle can be far reaching. Did you know that without a valid MOT your car insurance is invalid? Did you also know that without a valid MOT your road tax is also invalid? The result of being caught with no MOT can lead to several infringements of the law.

We always recommend that vehicle owners keep their MOT test date written in their diary. If fact, if you have your vehicle MOT test with us, we’ll remind you in 11 months time to ensure it doesn’t slip your mind.

The MOT test standards are set by a national government body. As you may expect the MOT test focusses on a range in exterior, interior, underfloor and under bonnet checks

MOT tests are completed on-site for single fee of £54.60

Many of our clients opt to have an annual service and MOT competed at the same time. We offer a Service and MOT pack starting from only £160

If your vehicle does not meet the minimum MOT standard there’s no need to panic. We will prepare a quote to repair the failing component and contact you immediately to discuss your options. If the vehicle is repaired on-site we will complete a retest completely free of charge to ensure your vehicle can be back on the road as soon as possible.

To book your MOT test simply call us on 01869 278 190.