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Tyre Replacement with Automotive Extras

Garages in Bicester Automotive Extras Collection BannerEnsuring your tyres are in good order, correctly fitted, inflated and not damaged is probably the single most important aspect of maintaining your vehicle and your safety. After all, they are the only part of your car in contact with the road!

One of the reasons our clients rate us #1 of all the garages in bicester is that we are able to offer a very wide range of tyres at great prices to suit any vehicle and budget. Through our network we have immediate access to thousands of tyres. We can even offer a lifetime guarantee on some ranges.

If you find yourself with a puncture or a damaged wheel after a pothole strike there’s no need to worry. Some punctures are repairable and we will always offer this as a solution if the tyre still has a reasonable tread depth remaining.

If replacement tyres are required we can quickly and conveniently arrange for your new tyres to be on site and book your vehicle in for the fitting to take place.

To book your vehicle in for a tyre check please call us on 01869 278 190 it takes us about 15 minutes to assess your tyres and talk over your options with you.

Tyre maintenance advice

The tread depth legal requirement is 1.6mm across the central ¾ of the tyres width. Most tyres have tread depth indicators designed into the tread pattern. If you look around the groves in your tyre you will note that there is a small raised rubber section in the grove every so often. This is set to identify the 1.6mm minimum tread depth.

It is well worth checking your tyres on a monthly basis to ensure that the tread depth is above these wear limit indicators.

If your tyre tread depth is on or below these wear limit indicators you car will not pass its MOT and your tyres are illegal. More importantly you are also compromising your own safety particularly in wet road conditions when the groves are used to clear standing water and keep the tyre tread gripping the road surface.

The second element of tyre checks is the tyre pressure. Incorrectly inflated tyres often result in excess tyre wear. We recommend you check your tyre pressures on a monthly basis particularly in the summer and winter when the ambient temperature changes. Ensuring your tyre pressures are correct can result in your tyres lasting up to 25% longer than those that are ignored.

Over inflated tyres result in the center of the tread suffering excessive wear. Under inflated tyres result in the edges, or shoulders, of the tyre suffering excessive wear.

If you’d like us to check your tyre pressures simply pop in anytime and we’ll carry out a quick check for you completely free of charge. It only takes 5 minutes.