Become a racing car driver and race at the

world famous Silverstone circuit june

22nd/23rd 2019.

Set the fastest lap on a state of the art

simulator and win a race in a 750 formula car

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The Car

If successful you will be racing in the 750 formula with the 750 motor club. A sports-prototype racing car with offset driver position and a small passenger space. Many cars have been individually designed and built by enthusiasts over the years but there are also some series production and limited production cars. The regulations are designed to encourage close, competitive racing. The cars are lightweight (minimum weight of 375kg) with excellent grip and balance. 750 Formula is believed by many to be the ultimate in fun, low cost racing. With the power output of around 95-100bhp and the light weight chassis on slicks with wings, these cars average lap speeds of 85-95 mph allowing them to be within only a couple of seconds of the btcc touring car lap times at most circuits. The car will be provided by Greg swan and V factory team with full support for the race.

The Simulator

The simulator is designed and built by Jay Walker who has worked in all area’s of motorsport for 30+ years. The sim is usually used by professional motorsports teams and drivers to aid setups and help improve driver ability, due to this it has to be the most immersive and accurate simulation possible. The key to making this so amazing and immersive is the feedback it gives you, not from rams that just vibrate the seat but a full movement of the rear of the rig which is tied in with the rear wheels of the vehicle in the sim. This in turn really gives you the feel of what the car is doing right at the edge of grip and for when it lets go. this truly has to be experienced to be appreciated and is one of if not the best racing simulators out there. For more info on the simulator itself visit his website at Below is a pic and short video of the sim in action.

The Competition

The competition is open for 3 months from march to may but each competitor can take part in multiple sessions. Competitors will get a 45 min time slot with 30 minutes of competitive attack time in a designated car and track. all entrants will have the same settings and after their session will have access to the telemetry and data logging information from the fastest laps set along with the current leader board. You will be able to download both your own and all other competitors files to carry out comparisons with the Z1 analyser, so you can see just where your losing or gaining time. With this in mind you may want to book sessions as early as possible so you get time to book a second session if your time has been beaten. Then using the telemetry improve your chances in your second attempt. The person who sets the fastest lap within the allotted time after all entries will be deemed the winner. They will then go on to achieve a race license and race at the world famous Silverstone circuit. In the event of a tie we will use the subsequent fastest laps of each competitor, so your second fastest lap and then third and so on if required. This means being consistently fast is going to be key. For full description of how your day and the event will unfold and further details of the track and car setup used please head over to

The Prize

The exciting part! The winner will go on to take the main prize of racing in the 750 formula series with the 750 motor club. Not only this but the prize will also include another full simulator training session to help hone your skills in preparation. You will also take your ARDS test and once successful achieve your race license. All this along with one last test session in the actual race car around a smaller local track, just to get you as confident as possible before your first race. Then comes the main event which will consist of a 15 minute practice/qualifying session and then onto the really exciting part. Lights out!!! wheel to wheel racing around the world famous Silverstone circuit and may even result in you being on the podium lifting a trophy.

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Good Luck